Formatting guide

1) each article must contain a UDC;

2) recommended volume – up to 12 pages. (10 pages for the young scholar tribune), font – Times New Roman Cyr; font size – 14 pt; line spacing –  1,5; paragraph indent –  1,5; fields: left – 25 mm, right – 15 mm, top and bottom fields – по 20 mm; alignment – justified; title – in capitals;

3) the references used are provided in a common alphabetical list at the end of the article, font – Times New Roman Cyr; font size –  12 pt;  line spacing –  1,5; in italics. In-text references are given in square brackets (for ex.: [5, p. 34–35], or [3, p. 234; 13; 18, p. 145]). References to previously unpublished works are not permitted;

4) an article must necessarily contain annotations and keywords in Ukrainian, Russian and English, and translation of the title into English.

Abstracts in Russian and Ukrainian (up to 7 lines + key words – up to 5 words or word combinations) Abstract in English up to 3000 printed characters; font – Times New Roman Cyr; size – 12 pt; line spacing 1.5; italics.;

5) an article must be translated into English for its inclusion on the web page of the collection;

6) authors photo.

Articles are submitted in printed and electronic form.


For convenience, we recommend that the authors consider a sample layout of already published articles in the collection of scientific papers “State Building and Local Government”.


Materials submission procedure

In order to publish an article in the collection it is necessary to send the following materials to the editorial office by mail or e-mail:

1)  information about the author (surname, name, patronymic of the author, place of work (study), contact phone, e-mail, postal address for sending a printed copy of the collection to the author of the article);

2)  an article (hardcopy and electronically);

3) extract from the decision of a sector, laboratory or department meeting on the recommendation of the article for publication;

4) the review (or scanned copy) of the supervisor or review (or scanned copy) of a degree holder (the reviewer’s signature must be certified by the HR department of the institution or by the seal of the faculty (institute) (for persons who do not hold a degree).

File title sample: Petrov_authors_info, Petrov_article, Petrov_extract, Petrov_review.



Formatting sample

Authors credentials


Information about the supervisor (name, academic degree, academic title, position)

(in the case when an author has no degree)


Place of work (study)






Postal address




The Editorial Board reserves the right to review, edit and reject articles.

The author is responsible for the authenticity of the information provided.

Reprinting of submitted materials is allowed only with the permission of the author and the editors.